About Us

Excellence Headquarters® is a unique, largely-physician owned Management Company that was created to bring professional expertise and experience to manage physician’s practices and hospital orthopedic service lines through the creation of proprietary infrastructure and platforms to succeed in the complex and changing healthcare reform models. In the management company model, physicians gain stock in the “Manager” while maintaining ownership of their clinical practice and compensation model. Our management team includes prior hospital CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CMIOs, healthcare consultants who specialized in orthopedic service line development and payor reform strategies, experienced business development experts, and an in house legal team. The alignment of physicians provides local and national market leverage and future opportunity for monetizing the managing entity, Excellence Headquarters. This is a strategy for physicians and hospitals to take back health care and gain control over the at risk healthcare dollars. As the only people allowed to diagnose patients and perform surgery, it makes little sense for physicians to receive only six cents on every dollar spent on health care. Aligning with hospitals only strengthens what both teams have to offer.

We are developing a national network of Managed Practices and hospital service lines, modeled around a non-traditional group practice structure that drives enterprise value. The Managed Practices are managed by our experienced executive management team in partnership with your existing administrative team and provides them, growth opportunities supported by a sophisticated business and operational infrastructure. The executive team has proven abilities to achieve significant operating efficiencies in providing administrative support systems, interacting with physicians, hospitals and third-party payors, managing information systems and technologies, and facilitating oversight of compliance with laws and regulations.

The management platform and infrastructure address the administrative demands and cost containment pressures from a number of sources, principally commercial and government payors, that make it increasingly difficult for physicians to effectively manage patient care, plan for new payment reform, manage quality and track outcomes, remain current on the latest medical knowledge and efficiently administer non-clinical activities. As a result, we believe that physicians remain receptive to being affiliated with larger organizations that reduce administrative burdens, achieve economies of scale and provide value-added clinical research, education and quality initiatives, especially in a model where equity value is truly created for the providers. By relieving many of the burdens associated with the management of a group practice, we believe that our practice administration services permit our Managed Practices to focus on providing quality patient care utilizing a proprietary IT platform to improve and track outcomes and increase volumes through our trademarked Excellence Through Evidence® Program. This system, which includes standardized evidence based and proven order sets, patient education materials, and clinical pathways, contributes to improving patient outcomes, ensuring appropriate length of hospital stays, improving profitability, and reducing long-term health system costs. Our historical data demonstrates our success.

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