Marc C. Jacofsky, PhD

MCJChief Scientific Officer

Dr. Marc Jacofsky currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for Excellence Headquarters. Dr. Jacofsky served as Director of Intellectual Property Development from 2005 to 2007 and Vice President of Research and Development (“R&D”) from 2007 to 2011 at The CORE Institute. He was responsible for oversight and management of both the Orthopedic Research Laboratories and Department of Intellectual Property Development. Dr. Jacofsky has a diverse background in the physical and biological sciences. His PhD thesis was funded by a National Science Foundation grant focused on interdisciplinary scientific investigations that combined bioengineering, gross anatomy, motor control, physics, and mathematics to investigate and model complex anatomical systems. A key focus of Dr. Jacofsky’s research is on the integration of multiple scientific fields to solve complex research problems not traditionally subsumed within any one scientific discipline. He also holds multiple patents on medical devices.

Dr. Jacofsky has bachelor’s degrees in geological sciences and physical anthropology from Binghamton University. He holds a master’s degree in physical anthropology and a PhD in physical anthropology and bioengineering from Arizona State University.

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