Simon Willman

Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs

Simon Willman currently serves as the Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs for Excellence Headquarters. He is responsible for managing general legal matters and ensuring the company is operating within the scope of law. This includes evaluating transactions from legal, compliance, financial, and strategy perspectives.

Prior to joining the Company, Willman held a position at a boutique law firm focused on consumer finance protection. He has contributed articles on a variety legal- technology tops. Specifically, Willman published a paper analyzing nanotechnology regulation and risk management. Additionally, he has written on topics analyzing the FDA’s role in modernizing regulatory pathways for new medical technologies, such as nanotechnology in orthopedic implants and personalized genomic medicine. Willman has also authored papers evaluating the constitutionality of the future investigatory uses of several neurotechnologies including functional magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Willman earned both his bachelor’s degree and law degree from Arizona State University.

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