Our Business Strategy

Our business objective is to enhance our position as a leading provider of unique, consolidated, physician practice management services for oversight of financial metrics, quality metrics, operational metrics, and marketing infrastructure. The key elements of our strategy to achieve this objective are:

  • Build upon core competencies. We have developed significant administrative expertise relating to the management of physician practices. We have also facilitated the development of an evidence-based approach to the practice of medicine among our Managed Practices through a process that includes research, education and quality initiatives to advance the practice of medicine. The growth of this program will allow us to establish quality benchmarks for clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and efficiencies across our all our Managed Practices.
  • Promote organic growth. We seek opportunities for increasing revenue from our current operations with an organic approach. Managed practices focus on key initiatives that promote new patient and revenue growth through its proven marketing tactics. For example, our current Managed Practices in Arizona, Louisiana and Michigan are well situated to expand. We are successfully executing this organic growth strategy and intend to continue this growth initiative in the future.
  • Expand our network of physician practice groups. We continue to seek to expand our operations by entering management agreements with established physician practices. We will seek to expand our network of Managed Practices to include practice groups in other musculoskeletal and neurology specialty areas so we can manage the entire continuum of musculoskeletal care and neurosciences.
  • Strengthen relationships with our partners. By managing many of the operational and administrative challenges associated with physician practices, encouraging clinical research, education and quality initiatives, and promoting timely intervention by our physicians, we believe that our business model will facilitate improvement of the quality of care delivered to patients, promoting the appropriate length of hospital stays for those who require hospitalization and optimizing efficient use of health system resources. We believe that referring and collaborating physicians, hospitals, third-party payors and patients all will continue to benefit as we are successful in implementing our business model.

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