Services and Benefits

  • Validated proven, evidence-based, standardization to lower costs and improve outcomes.
  • Centralized Human Resources to improve leverage for benefits management, organizational development, leadership development, talent management, and physician credentialing.
  • Financial Management to optimize revenue cycle management with transparent metrics and reporting, contracting, P&L management, audit functions, tax planning, captive insurance plan, and access to capital.
  • Operations management to create consistent processes and procedures across clinics and service lines, co-management contracts, physician recruitment and contracting, purchasing, and strategic planning.
  • Business Development Services including real estate development and management, new business opportunities, acquisitions and mergers, and joint ventures.
  • Information Technology Department, including software engineers and programmers, for centralized management of phone and computer servers, customized platforms for your EMR and quality abstraction, and oversight of a Citrix desktop.
  • Quality Management to include clinical protocol research and development, data abstraction with physician and operational scorecards, hospital co-management metrics, Risk Management, and clinic staff audits and educational programs.
  • Proprietary data management and predictive modeling tools to optimize your ability to understand outcomes and bundled costs, as well as to track complications accurately with scrubbed and relevant data to a physician level.
  • Co-management division to create hospital partnerships, service line development and management, quality metrics and physician bonuses.
  • Marketing and branding, public relations, advertising, physician relationship management, market analysis, customer relationships, and social media management.
  • Research – Access to clinical research department and dedicated intellectual property development, laboratory with gait lab and motion analysis, bio mechanics lab, tissue culture facility, in house patent applications and a not-for profit Foundation.

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